Dresser tools

Conditioning of the grinding wheel with stationary dressing tools

Sinter tools

DIAROLL diamond dressers

Hand-set natural or synthetic diamonds, embedded in wear-resistant sintered metal.
The shape, size, quality and total weight of the diamonds vary depending on the tool type and area of application.

DIALETTE diamond dressers

Hand-set, scattered natural or synthetic diamonds, arranged by set pattern, embedded in wear-resistant sintered metal.
The sintered metal varies depending on grinding wheel hardness and wheel type.
Diamond size and weight vary depending on type.
Depending on application and machine type, DIALETTE can be used as a clamped or brazed version.

Diamond grit dressers

Diamond grit dressers VA / diamond grit dressers AGD
Chunky natural or synthetic diamond grit size, embedded in wear-resistant sintered metal.

Single point dresser

Single-point dressers - diamond dressers

Uncut natural diamonds of different size and quality brazed into a steel shank.
Diamond weight from 0.10-2.5 carats and more.
'Diamond quality' comprises the following factors: freedom from cracks, slarity, transparency, size of inclusions an nuber of 'healthy' points.

Profile diamond dresser

Profile diamond dressers / Profile dressers

Natural or synthetic diamonds ground to shape, sintered into a steel shank.
Diamond weight from 0.20-2.00 carats and more.

MCD and CVD diamond of 1.1 mm cross section (type 11-1), gable length approx. 1.5 mm or 1.4 mm (type 14-1),gable length approx. 2 mm. Other cross sections on request.


Triangular dressers

Because of the triangular shape, the dresser can be used several times without the need for replacement or reworking.

DIAPACT (PCD) dresser blades
Dresser blades with a coarse-grit, polycrystalline diamond layer with a cobalt bond.

CVD diamond dressers
Dresser blades with a coarse-grit diamond layer but without a bond.

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