The manufacturing process

A simplified illustration of how a grinding wheel is made

1. Composition

One essential condition for constant quality is strict adherence to the fixed raw material quantities. Electronic weighing machines permit exact measurements so that we can adhere to the very tightest tolerances.

2. Pressing

To achieve maximum homogeneity of the wheel COMET uses an automatic filling system with a conveyor. NC-controlled presses with on-line data recording are a further prerequisite for reproducible disc quality.

3. Oven

The oven temperature of vitrified bond grinding wheels is between 1000 and 1350┬░ C. Numeric control of the heating curve permits the on-line documentation of any given batch.

4. Finishing

By different finishing procedures the bonded abrasive products obtain their final shape. A versatile machine park enables difficult geometries to be made with great accuracy and at high rates of productivity.

5. Inspection

COMET attaches great importance to the final inspection of the wheels to guarantee the highest quality and safety: examination of dimension and strength, ultrasonic crack and sound tests are in many cases more stringent than the regulations prescribed by law.